<aside> 👋 This database is a collection of individuals and organizations working on climate solutions in South Florida. It is a collaboration between Miami-Dade County and Opportunity Miami.


Why South Florida? Why Now?

ClimateReady Tech Hub

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<aside> 🚀 Each entry includes information on an organization or individual including what they work on, their expertise, and organization type.


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Opportunity Miami Stories

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What is Opportunity Miami?

Blue Frontier: How a South Florida startup is reinventing the way we cool our buildings

Living seawalls: 3D marine construction in Miami

Mill: Ending food waste, starting in your kitchen

Carbon Limit: A CO2 sponge for concrete

Fertile Earth Worm Farm: Turning food waste into soil in Miami

Babcock Ranch: The town of the future is here – in Florida

On Site: Imagine Farms (Part 1)

Doroni Aerospace: How one eVTOL venture is betting on South Florida for the future of mobility

Algas Organics: What to do with all that seaweed? Turn it into bio-fertilizer

OBE Power: Making EV charging cheaper, more convenient

ECOncrete: greener marine infrastructure

Made in Miami: Energy converters and the future of electrification and decarbonization

Luisa Santos: Decarbonizing America’s 3rd largest school district

Solar power: Manufacturing goes green in this Miami warehouse

Megatrend of the century: the transition to net-zero

Rethink Food: Food Tech & the Future of Food

How a multibillion-dollar company is making tracks in climate-tech

Can blockchain and climate tech tackle global warming?

How do we achieve carbon-free mobility in Miami?

Miami can lead the nation in transition to a net zero economy and building a uniquely diverse…

Regional Strategies

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